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accelerators to quickly scale leading startups

Runway’s accelerator programs bring together industry-leaders from the corporate, startup, investment, and academic communities to solve the world’s most challenging issues. We build independent or corporate-sponsored accelerator programs to help startups accelerate and engage in meaningful B2B and B2C relationships.

accelerator benefits for startups

access to smart capital and investors in the Valley and beyond

intensive programming from experts in lean startup methodology to content marketing to pitch development

core infrastructure (e.g. legal, and HR) resources to let you focus on your product

access to coworking space and a rich community of hundreds of global mentors and startups

facilitated engagements with potential high-impact corporate clientele

Over $400,000 in partnership benefits and perks from services like Google Cloud, Sendgrid, SVB, and more


Executed in partnership with the Michelson 20MM Foundation, Michelson Runway was the first social-impact accelerator dedicated to supporting innovation in higher and alternative education.

The accelerator program connected educational institutions, innovators and policymakers to address some of the most pressing issues in postsecondary and vocational education including student debt, inadequate counseling/advising services, lack of academic personalization, underperforming career guidance programs.

Participating companies included:

  • Lrnr. Adaptive learning platform powered by open educational resources
  • Motimatic. The first automatic motivational support system that improves outcomes for students in higher ed.
  • Pragya Systems. An AI-powered engine built to reimagine campus intelligence and connect students, faculty, and employers.
  • ReUp Education. Partnering with institutions to re-enroll and coach at-risk students to success.
  • WorkAmerica. The go-to platform connecting employers and trained credentialed talent in the skilled trades.

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